Dramatic Rarity
…Oh No by ~GlitchKing123
Project 1 - Rarity by ~Powerpuncher
Rarity by =Quanno3
Rarity - sings by Kyss.S by ~KyssS90
Rarity by ~EnergyFrost
Concerned Rarity by ~BaumkuchenPony
Fabulous Rarity Vector by ~MrBarthalamul
Scruncy face Rarity and Applejack by ~crazypon3


Just a short animation that has nothing to do with and sort of plot as far as the tumblr goes it was really more for me to test some different things, namely movement and making more vectors in Flash, until now I had been using Illustrator for the most part. The lack of audio is mostly intentional, I had one or two effects but I had issues getting everything to work correctly when exporting from flash.

This adorable animation was made by a friend of mine. I recommend checking out his tumblr!

Sisters Eating Their Hooves by ~The-Crusius